Mentor/Coach to over 150 service-based business owners. Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author and YouTuber.

My mission is to inspire you to be more ProActive so you can achieve more than you thought mentally, physically, and financially possible.

Since 2006 I has been developing highly successful teams and building businesses, I am hugely passionate about creating fun and profitable lifestyle businesses that enable you to do more of what you love with who you love.

I provide high-performance coaching to increase leads, sales, profit and time to transform your life and your business.

If you want to develop a winning mindset and be more ProActive then…

Gary Das | Self Employed Mortgage Expert

Best Seller

Self-employed business owners and entrepreneurs can struggle when it comes to trying to secure their dream home. They risk rejection and disappointment from the high-street lenders and trying to secure a mortgage becomes stressful and time-consuming.

The Self-Employed Mortgage Guide is available in paperback and on audible, this amazon best seller will give you the information and understanding needed to help avoid the challenges you may face when buying, moving, refinancing or investing in property as a self-employed business owner. READ MORE

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