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I Help Self-Employed Business Owners Generate Leads, Increase Sales & Maximise Profit

My name is Gary, I am a business owner, entrepreneur, husband and father to 3 awesome kids.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than living a ProActive life and maintaining a good work/life balance.

You must live to work, not work to live!

My first 10 years in business from 2006 to 2015 were full of challenges, and I ended up building a business to almost 7-figures and hated it.

At the end of 2015, I downsize my team of 13 and started all over again January 2016 focusing on self-employed mortgages, social media marketing and building a more successful business.


Active (Financial) helps self-employed business owners to buy and invest in property. In 2017 I became an Amazon best selling author of “The Self-Employed Mortgage Guide”. In 2019 Active was voted “Best Small Broker” at the Mortgage Strategies awards and my team has raised in excess of £600m in lending.

As a result of building my personal brand and leveraging social media mortgage brokers started asking for business advice. In March of 2019, I launched Financial PRO, the UK’s leading independent training company for financial service professionals. Our mentees and clients include everyone, from sole traders to 7-figure business owners, from all areas of financial services.

The knowledge I have gained I am consistently putting out into the world on social media, video marketing, building Facebook groups, my 2 podcasts, YouTube channels and more, so you make your dreams a reality too.

If you want to build a brand, leverage social media marketing, create processes, and systems to take your business from start-up to scale up I would love to assist you.

Now is the time to be more ProActive so send me an email and let’s talk about my high-performance coaching to reach your goals.

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I love social media and update my channels daily, so come and get involved with the conversation or send me an email.

Gary Das | Self Employed Mortgage Expert
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