Attraction Based Marketing and How to Use it Effectively

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I wanted to come to you today because we are in December 2018. We have less than a month left of the year and I think every single year, December is an opportunity to reflect on your marketing strategy going into the next year 2019, making sure that you’re going to attract the right type of clients. Three years ago, I wasn’t attracting any clients. I was paying 20 grand a month to buy all my leads, names and numbers and to make sure that those clients were coming to me. So today is about attraction based marketing and the rule 101 for that fact. Now, what is attraction based marketing? Well you can work hard and you could go and buy your leads, names, and numbers, or you can attract the right type of client to you.

Niche Your Market 

You can make sure that your clients are your ideal clients. Now, first of all, I believe you massively need to niche if you want this to work. I was skeptical of niching three years ago because in niching, you’re limiting the market that you’re talking to. The fact of the matter is, if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. If your audience is this big, then you’re just in the Parana tank, and you’re just not going to be heard and your message isn’t going to be clear, and it isn’t going to be succinct. So by niching your business, I am coined as the self-employed mortgage expert, self-employed entrepreneurs, business owners, people who want to use their company profits to invest in property. That is my specialty. That is my niche. That is who my marketing has talked to.

What Model Works?

Now I spent a lot of this year trying and testing other business models and methods. As I’m now looking to the next 12 months and what I want to achieve by this time next year, it’s making me review who is my ideal client? Who is that self-employed person that I would love to speak to every single day, five times a day, five days a week? Who is that self-employed person that I can best serve, and get the best result for? What are they interested in? What do they want to achieve? How can I help them? What problems do they have? What mistakes do they make? What are their inspirations? What are their aspirations for themselves, for their family, for their lifestyle, for their business?

Providing the Best Content

How best can my content, my education, my knowledge, serve those individuals to buy property to safeguard the future of their family? To protect their health, their wealth, their lifestyle, their debt, and to start investing in property. I’m starting to really, really get key, or get defined on this message going into next year. I’ve looked at our vision, I’ve looked at our mission and how that is going to help our vision. I’ve looked at our goals, I’ve looked and reaffirmed our values. I’m getting really, really clear and a great deal of clarity around our active method and how that is going to serve our clients. That is going to hugely benefit our clients, and our company going into the next 12 months because we’ve got a direct message. We’ve got the ideal person that we want to be talking to.

Your Challenge…

So I challenge you across the course of this next three, four weeks to revisit your marketing strategy within your business. How are you going to niche, who can you best serve, and what is going to be your big message and the big idea for next year, so that you can actually start to attract the type of clients that you can best help, that you can best serve and whose problems you can solve. You need to think about focused marketing. So hit up in the comments below, I’d love to know what you’re going to do and how you’re best serving your market, and who your most ideal client is. Go back to the beginning, watch this video again. If you’re just tuning in now, make sure that you understand how to attract the right type of clients.

The Future 

I have spent nothing in the last three years on marketing. I haven’t boosted any videos, I haven’t put any Facebook ads out. I haven’t done any Google advertising. I haven’t done any remarketing campaigns. My clients have all come from giving free valuable content to educate them on buying, investing, mortgages, building a business. That is ultimately when I go into next year and I start to put some spend behind this, it is going to rock it. Equally, in doing that, you’re building a personal brand. So have a good day. Let me know what you think, and I’ll see you again soon.

What’s Next…

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