Follow Your Intuition and the 3 Strike Rule

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In today’s episode Gary talks about the power of following your intuition; trusting your gut when making a decision in your life or in your business. He also shares the 3 strike rule he applies that has helped him to think strategically to get more beneficial results and outcomes.

When making big decisions Gary always deploys this 3 strike process and he forces himself to make those big decisions fast too – this often enables you to base your decisions on intuition rather than logical thoughts.

Ever ‘known’ what you need to do but wanted ‘to sleep on it’? That’s logic overtaking intuition!      

In this episode you will learn:  

  • When should you trust your gut and how?
  • How to enjoy content marketing
  • How to automate sales 
  • Importance of being consistent with your content
  • How to manage anxiety when growing in work and business

The Proactive Podcast with Gary Das is brought to you by the awarding winning business owner, author, speaker, coach and mentor. 

This brings you proven strategies to improve your life and your business, along with interviews from some of the most inspiring and motivating personalities across the globe. You’ll discover how to go from start up to scale up, master your mindset, be healthier and build wealth, so you can do more of what you love, with who you love.

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