What is a Mastermind and How can it Benefit You?

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Yesterday, I spent a good two, three hours at a mastermind, which is basically eight business owners sitting around and sharing ideas on wins, challenges you’re facing, and ultimately progressing your business. So all I really want to say is that masterminds are key to working on your business and they’re going to help you get from A to Z in half the time. Now I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last two and a half years on my business development, personal development, being part of masterminds, having coaches, and ultimately a mastermind is a way to keep you focused and hold you accountable.

So if you’re into fitness you worry about your nutrition outside of the gym, but you have to come and do the workout, as part of that physique, that fat loss, and everything else. It’s exactly the same when you’re working on your business. You’re in the business too much, you’re doing the tasks, but when you actually take a step back, you’re in a room of like-minded, growth mindset individuals and you share a win from the previous month, everyone in the room gets value from that win. It also promotes conversation that enables you to get ideas from other business industries and other people of a similar or higher level than you.

You then share a challenge, some problem that you’re facing, some issue that you need resolving, something that’s not quite going the way in which you want it to, and then you get eight ideas, depending on how big your mastermind is, to actually help you grow, improve, overcome that challenge, and it helps you to progress. It helps you get from A to B much, much quicker, and it is absolutely surprising the number of ideas that you can take from other industries. You know my mortgage brokering business, I’ve taken so much influence from other industries and brought it into the mortgage industry, that that’s what’s ultimately created our methodology, it’s given us the success we have.

It helps us to progress much, much quicker. So I’d like to know if you’re part of a mastermind, what value do you get from a mastermind? If you’re not part of a mastermind, why not? Do you not know what one is? Have you not got people around you that you can work with, that can hold you accountable, and would you be interested in joining one in Essex? Something I’m massively passionate about, if you hadn’t guessed already from the Lives and articles I’ve been doing, having spoken to thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs over the last two and a half years, is helping you progress your business and build your business, particularly if you’re a one to three person team.

So let me know, tell me what your thoughts and feelings are about masterminds, and what you do to work on your business rather than in your business. Have an awesome day and I’ll see you again on another Article.

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